terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2009

Silly Boy

Eva Simons

You're callin' me more than ever now that we're done
Two keys back to my place, we were havin' no fun
But you're not ok, telling me you miss my face
I remember when you would say you hate my waist

I said I'm not coming back, it's it
You fooled me once but you cant have that ego turning
Just to bad for you, that when you had me
Didnt know what to do, shes over you

Cause you had a good girl, good girl, girl
That's a keeper, k-k-k-k-keeper
You had a good girl, good girl but
Didn't know how to treat her, t-t-t-t-treat her (treat her)
So silly boy get out my face (my face)
How do you like the way regrets taste?
So silly boy get out my head, head
(get outta here)
No, I dont want you no more (get outta here)

Silly boy (silly boy)
Why you acting silly boy?
Silly boy boy (boy boy)
Acting acting silly boy

You comin' with those corny lines
Can't live without me
I'll get some flowers for the day that you are buried
No, people make mistakes
But I just think your ass is fake
Only thing I want from you, is for you to stay away

No more, no more, no more...